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            On this site I'll include some info about my favorite actors including photos, a list of their films, and possibly some more.


            I also have some pictures (they're not up on the site yet but I will post them as soon as I can) that you can check out.  The Shout Outs are up and the link is on my msn profile!


I'll also include some information about how I originally became a fan of these actors and about what makes them so special in my life.

            Thanks for checking out my site. Hope you liked it. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating once in a while, so please check back often. And another thing, about the pics I have on this site. They're not mine I just took the ones I liked from other sites. If your a meanie and don't want me 2 use them tell me and I'll take them off ASAP. Thnx 4 Visiting!

--Thank you to everyone who voted. It ended up being a tie between Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell as to who would be the next James Bond. Thank you for voting!--

<<~~[Currents: March 31st, 2004]~~>>...Added some fanlistings. ALL of my fave stuff, I haven't missed anything yet. I'm still putting more up. Please be patient while waiting for them to load, thank you. Ciao!...


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