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...Outkast~Hey Ya...

Arias: Your the best! I've never had a friend like you. Your a great person and I think you deserve a special shout out! I never knew true friendship till I met you and Laurie. I hope you live your life to the fullest and I wish you all the good luck a best friend could. Best Buds 4 Eva!

Sefora:  You crazy child... you do learn from the best though! lolz. Even tho yer all the way in Apsley and I only see you once in a purple moon, (pardon my... uhh... let's call it a pun lol) we're still the best of friends. I couldn't imagine being with a funnier bud than you. We're unique and funny together... too bad we're not together all the time... Very Sad :o( Miss Ya Lots! Hope I get to see you sometime soon! I wish you nothing but the best Sefou! :oD ~Hugz~ and Luv Frum Dee!

Sanya:You are so very talented. In many ways, such as writing stories and being a great friend. We've had some good times together. (I didn't say and bad times cuz I don't remember any bad times between us.) Sometimes I wish I could write a story as good as you, or be as smart as you... but I guess being me is okay too, just not as great. Well, thankz for everything you've done!

Kristen: Well... what can I say? I mean you're funny, smart, pretty... I mean YOU are a great friend. Together, you and Laurie can make me laugh so hard my tummy hurts. We've had our share of ups and downs and shit happens, but we've always managed to stay friends and I know we can be friends forever. Things may happen, lives will change... but time and life goes on. And I pray that we will be friends for a looooooooong time! :o) ~Keep Smilin'~ From: *Denise*

Rachel: You are one anime crack baby! lol You're funnies Rachel, We've been freinds for so long, I know we'll always be friends forever. Ever since we were youngin's I always thought we'd be friends forever. You may be crazy, but I still love you lolz. Yer a person to chill with... just not when and anime show is on lol jkz... I wish you nothing but good luck and may God bless you and everyone you love. Best Friends 4 Ever Rachel! :o)

Danielle: And then there's Danielle... that ghurken loving pickle freak. lol, yes I know what you do at night when no ones around............... you SLEEP lol scared ya, didn't I? You thought I was gunna say you play around with your two cats and mate them together and then you have fun with mayo and hot dogs... didn't you? WELL I DIDN'T! lol We are crazy...crazy children... Rachel, You, Me... we're all insane... and when we're older, we're going to make a living with our insanity... and the world will be a better place :oP Yup Yup! You know it! Yer my best bud... even if you DO jerk yer ghurken pickles... lol.

Mike.T: You'll always be my little goon! lolz We've had some good times together. Talking about George Lucas and his Jabba the Hut Fantasies *shudder* Oh and we CAN'T forget about the Horses, Boners, Pathetic Cripples and Testicular Cancer convo lol *sigh*... the memories well I'd just like to say, its nice knowing an awsome guy and a really good friend like yourself we've had some good laughs some disgusting laughs and a WHOLE a lot of rants lol... in closing talking to you is great... You're coolness *thumbs up*

Tim: It's always great to have one of those friends who you can laugh with and beat up... Tim you're one of those friends. You have an incredible personality that no one else could even come close to. You are a very weird kind of unique lol. It's the best kind! :oP I hope you achieve what you really want in life and may we stay Best Friends Forever! L8ter Dayz Tim!(See u at School lmao)

Laurie: I wanna say, you've been a great friend to me. You've been there for me whenever I needed you, and I really owe you for all the things you've done for me. You always know how to make me smile even when I'm feelin lyke shit. Best Buds Forever! I know you and Justin will be together forever and I wish you both the best of luck!

Vanessa: Nessa, even thought your all the way in Arizona and I'm here in Ontario, we are really great friends! Talkin with you and tellin you bout all my friends and wats up in skool and all that other stuff is really fun. And hearing about wat happened to you in ur day is great too. We may be far apart, but I still think we are best buds! I really hope you have fun in Arizona and good timez talking 2 moi! ~To Mah BuD!~

Brandon: Like omg, you are so awsome! Yer funny and you always know how to make me smile. Yer the best bitch a grrl could ever have, and I thank you for it. P.S: Yes, Val Kilmer WAS kissing me on the neck ;o) lol Funnies. Don't forget the COWS! The cows are very important! LOOK AT EM' FLY! lol... So yeah I just want to wish you a great life and I hope you succeed in whatever you set out to do in life! ~BestBuds4Life~