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These are just random crazy things we say just out of the blue when we talk to each other...

We could buy this old, abandoned house, and we'd build a secret room that we'd live in, and we'd grow our own plants and stuff in there, making it a completely individual ecosystem, and we could do it like 24/7 and they'd hear ur screams of pleasure and think the place was haunted with orgy ghosts!~ Spencer

My friend Tyler tried smoking......nobody comes near him anymore......he smells like a cheap hooker~ Mike T

I don't even kno wat Timothy Olyphant looks like I spend most of my time lookin at his package(JoKeZ GuYz!)~ Me

U kno if u think of everything that happens in StarWars sexually it becomes really*REALLY*funny~ Mike T
*Furby Noises*~ Arias

I Ran Into a Wall Last Night When I Was Walking To The Bathroom... IT WAS DARK!~Me

I wonder if the pain u feel when trying to squeeze one out thats too big is the same as sodomy....~Spencer
Narcoleptic Seals~ Matt B
Dont let the bed necropheliacs bite~ Spencer
Sucketh my cocketh....that's a little Shakespeare for you~Mike T
We know your secret YOU SICK BASTARD~ Sefou
I'm not pregnant, I'm big boned~ Laurie
Carpet Muncher~ Spencer
...Your web of lies is unravelling...~ Mike T
Me: Where the hell is Spencer?
Mike:Piercing his cock...
Mike: ok, put down your mom's earings, Spencer
Mike: she's bound to notice that one of them is gone
Me: And she AIN'T gunna want it back after she finds out wat you did to it
Inflatable Novelties~ Me

My god... That guy just cant put down his weiner~ Mike T
If I can't learn now, it's useless~ Me
*Warning* Beware the Hyper Crack Child!~ Sanya
Now who's the rapist in the jason mask?~ Mike T
Theres ONE loose screw in my floorboard and it always catches any unwary socks~ Spencer
Ride it like you stole it~ Desiree
Room for one mooooooore...~ Sefou & Desiree
Hate to point out your ignorance here...~ Mike T
(This was actually from a group convo that I was in with my friend Blair, I thought it was pretty funny... this kid was CRAZY man... she really could not diss)
Me: okay... whoever is doing the *TyPiNg LiKe ThIs*... do u have a mental problem? or terrets?
Heather: wHUt iT mattA tO u? i aINt taLKin tO u
Me: well obviously if I'm here yer talking to me
Heather: iM juSS a bIT sHakEY frOM laSt nyTe wIt yEr mOM
Jon: lol
Me: she's a lez too
Mike Lloyds Sister: shaky one
Heather: yAll dONt knOw aNy insuLts
Me: and... you do?
Heather: moRe thEN yOo
Me: Maybe if someone slaps you, yer terrets might go away
Heather: maYbe iF suM1 sLapps u, yoU migHt noT bE sO gAY
Me: WTF WAS THAT?!?! that sounded SOOOOOOOO retarted
Me: so she's got terrets AND she's retarted
[Heather has left the conversation]
Me: well... NOW THAT MY EYES have adjusted to the screen after those damn terrets fonts shitty dealies
George Lucas and his Jabba the Hut fantasies*shudder*~ Mike T
Me: I mastubate thru my nose
Spencer: why do u think nose pickers are called perverted?
Mike: snot is her lube... but wouldnt your nostrils get too big after repeated penetration with your hard long shaft novelties?
Every night......I dont hear creaking of people doing it......I hear people singing the anthem of gay in the 70s~Mike T

I cant stand when somone talks to me when im trying to dump. ESPECIALLY my mom. Seriously, if im in the washroom when my mom comes home, she'll say "Spence?", and im like "IM IN THE WASHROOM!" and then shes like "ARE YOU IN THE WASHROOM?" and it makes me MAD!~ Spencer
Me: I wanna be a sheep
Drake: I wanna be the picture taking thing
Me: You mean a photographer
Drake: No, the camera