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Name: Denise (or Dee, whatever floats yer boat)
Age: 15
Location: Ontario, Canada
Ethnicity: Portuguese Canadian
Eye Color: Dark/Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown

What do you like most about yourself personality-wise?
Well, I like how I can make people feel better sometimes when they're feeling bad. I'm also good at making people smile. And umm... I dunno...I guess that's it

What do you like most about yourself physically?
I like my hair... it's pretty, but sometimes a pain in the @$$... I don't really like anything about myself

How tall are you?
I have no clue... I'm guessing 5'6"

What's your favorite color?
Blue, Black, Pink and Yellow

What does your bedroom look like?
I have alot of posters on my door, my room is painted so I can't put posters on the wall (by orders of my father...GRR) and it's a pretty small space. I also have alot of stuffed animals

What's better: Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi... but I like Vanilla Coke

Do you ever/have you ever smoked, drank, broken the law?
I drink sometimes

What do you normally wear everyday?
Clothes... lol and some jewelery, chains, whatever.

What do you look for in a significant other?
I like someone who's willing to listen, funny, caring... someone who won't hurt me... althought I DOUBT there is anyone out ther like that

What do you plan for the future?
I like to keep my mind on the present for now. When it comes, it'll come.

How many kids do you want, and what will you name them?
Prolly 2... One boy one girl... Boy: Anthony, Christopher, Timothy, Ewan or Hayden. Girl: Sydney, Vanessa, Kristine, Maddison or Dallas

Where is your favorite place in the world?
Portugal, California, Hawaii, Canada and Austraillia


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